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Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

[ENGLISCH] Antoine De Sainte-Exupéry - The Little Prince

Shall I try it? Knowing that this may be a little bit shameful, I try to write this review in English because the book was in English too. The intention was to improve my English skills, which became very lousy after I finished my A-Level. Of course I know that normally it would make more sense to read “The Little Prince” in French instead of English but being honest I must say: My French skills are even worse!

To read the book was not that hart at least not the lingustic part. It was more difficult for me to realize that this strange plot was meant to be like this. First of all, I often thought that I misunderstood many words because the things become very strange. Gladly, I got the chance to read it in German everyday I wanted to, so I noticed really fast that I didn’t misunderstand anything. Things in the book just were as strange as that.

The Little Prince is a modern and philosophic fairytale for children as also for grown-ups, which tries to teach in a very green but also sensible way about how great childhood is and what we might lose when we become older.

My problem with this book was – I don’t like the little prince. For me – he seemed to be very rude and selfish. Like a little “I have a question, I have a question, doesn’t matter what you want”–fool. Of course children are often on edge but I mean come on. You can’t tell me how great the world could be through the eyes of a child if the main actor behaves so embarrassing.

Without that, the book could be really nice. The story has a silent sad mode. Leaving his own planet to discover the worlds around him leads him to several small planets with lonely and sad people. A possessive king, who wants to reign above everyone he sees, a vain person, a drunkard, a businessman, a busy lamplighter and a geographer. After that, his way leads to the earth where he meets the author.

It’s quite easy to understand the metaphors of these people and it’s a good point to think about. So the Little Prince got a very moral function with his virgin questions and unstrained views towards life. The end is sad but offers the transer of a never too old story into the present and future because the human behaviour is circular und repetitive.

To sum it up: Not a bad book, but I got my problems with the annoying Prince and can’t honestly understand the big hype about this book which seems to be a “must read”! So finally I would say, just a can – no must read.

PS: I hope my English was okay. *g*


  1. You deserve a crown for this overall refreshing review.

    "the book is nice. The prince as such is a nag, though" - you've made my day! ;)

    bookbest regards
    das a&o

  2. Thank you very much for your comment.

    You really made me smile and i really wanted to laugh out loud but i was afraid to wake up my sleeping girlfriend. =D

    It's a pleasure for me!
    Thank you so much... ;)